Behavior Supports- Behavior Support Professional (BSP)

The Behavior Support Professional (BSP), as part of the primary treatment team, identifies, triages and manages clients’ behavioral health problems within the primary care setting.

In addition, the BSP will:

  • Provide skill training through psycho-education and client education strategies and will develop specific behavioral support and treatment plans for clients.
  • Assist primary care providers in recognizing and treating mental health disorders, psychosocial and behavioral challenges.
  • Assess the clinical status of clients referred by primary care providers through intensive consultative.
  • Work with primary care team to treat and manage clients with chronic emotional and/or behavioral problems efficiently and effectively.
  • Work with primary care provider to refer cases to additional supports and services as appropriate.
  • Assist in the detection of at-risk clients and development of plans to prevent further psychological or physical deterioration.
  • Assist in preventing relapse or morbidity in conditions that tend to recur over time.
  • Evaluate client care plans with primary care team.
  • Teach clients, families and staff about care, prevention and treatment enhancement techniques.