Risk Screenings for Problematic Sexual Behaviors

The Risk Screenings for Sexual Behaviors is a comprehensive evaluation and service provided to males with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities, who are at least 18 years of age, who have a history or presenting issues with regard to problematic sexual behaviors.

The process requires a detailed review of historical records, a risk screening interview with members of the treatment team, and completion of the Armadilo-S, a tool detailed tool that yields critical risk and protective factors associated with the risk for sexual offending behavior. The Risk Screenings for Sexual Behaviors yields two reports; the Preliminary Risk Screening Report, which details a sexual history, summarizes findings of the Armadilo-S, and provides a sexual offense profile. The Risk Management Plan details recommended levels of supervision, restrictions, and treatment strategies, prevention, intervention and crisis strategies to assist in maintaining the safety of the individual and the community at large. The Risk Management Plan also contains “red flag” behaviors to monitor for which could indicate the person is at an elevated level to possibly sexually offend, and how the team should respond under these conditions.

What is needed in order for a client to receive this service?

  • A referral form must be received and on file in our office. Please contact us for a referral form or download a form here.
  • Our organization must have the availability of staff to conduct the consultation. You will be notified within three business days after the receipt of the referral form.
  • If the referral is accepted, a critical revision to the ISP must occur to add Behavior Support ; 140 units must be added for the initial screening.
  • If an annual screening is being requested, and the initial screening has already been completed by Shawn McGill Consulting, 100 units must be added to the ISP and approved in HCSIS.

What is the process for the risk screening?

The clinician will work directly with the SC and/or a designated point person within the team to complete the following:

  • Ensure the ISP critical revision is complete
  • Schedule the risk screening interview with members of the team (this cannot occur unless the HCSIS authorization is received)
  • Collect historical records
  • Complete the intake documentation

Once the risk-screening interview has been conducted, it takes the clinician an average of 4-6 weeks to complete the Armidilo-S, the Preliminary Risk Screening Report, and the Risk Management Plan. Once the reports are complete, they will be sent to the designated team contact, and any other person on the team for whom we have obtained a written release.

The team will be asked to review the information and provide feedback for any changes. It is asked that one person collection information regarding recommended changes, and communicate these to Shawn McGill Consulting. Please be advised, based on the amount of changes (including information that was NOT shared during the initial risk screening), this may require a revision to the Armidilo, risk screening report and risk management plan. It can take up 2-3 weeks for complete revisions to be made so please make sure accurate information is shared at the time of the risk-screening interview.

It is the responsibility of the team to schedule training with Shawn McGill Consulting regarding the recommendations listed in the risk screening reports, specifically what is outlined in the Risk Management Plan. Training can occur through phone, secure video-conference or face-to-face. Depending on what type of training is requested, it can take weeks to secure an appointment, so please plan well in advance.

For additional information please contact us online or call 412-781-3829.